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Series OneThe Doctor is Back! Following the signal of an alien incursion on Earth, he comes across a shop girl named Rose Tyler who becomes his new companion. Visiting the Second World War, seeing the end of the world and meeting Charles Dickens is all on the agenda...
14 181
Series TwoA New New Doctor, or more accurately a New New New New New New New New New New Doctor! Initially distrusting, Rose takes the leap again and jumps into the TARDIS for new adventures with some old friends and enemies.
15 397
Series ThreeAfter the events of Doomsday a lonely Doctor is wandering alone in time and space looking for a mystery and he finds a corker. Swept up with a hospital to the Moon when alien police invade, he meets inquisitive Doctor Martha Jones.
17 367
Series FourAlone again! The Doctor just can't keep friends these days. But fate is working for him as he meets an old acquaintance all ready to take a chance she had passed up before!
16 431
2009/10 SpecialsThe clock is ticking, or is it the knocks are knocking? The Tenth Doctor is fighting against the prophecy that he is soon to die and he intends to tick off everything on his bucket list first.
11 254
Series FiveOlder and younger than ever before! Matt Smith takes the role of the Doctor to plunge into an intrigue wrapped up with a little girl living seemingly along in an English village. The Doctor discovers that the enemy of his enemies have discovered mutual ground for alliance.
15 510
Series SixIt always comes back to the 1960s for one reason, the 60s were cool. The fashion, the music, the TV, the groundbreaking scientific exploration! After the 60s the world would be changed, the Doctor was born there, will he take his final bow there?
13 588
Series SevenA game of two halves has never been more accurate. In the first half we see the final adventures of the Ponds in an eclectic mix of stories. Followed by the debut of Clara Oswald, an enigma the Doctor is desperate to unravel.
14 474
The Day of the Doctor- 50th Anniversary SpecialFifity Years of Doctor Who and an episode that will change the course of the series forever. Everything we thought we knew is turned upside down at a fundamental level.

Also contains Promotional Images for 'The Night of The Doctor'
30 365
The Time of the DoctorTrenzalore calls for The Doctor! But it will be a long, hard road to the end of his life and his final rest. His lives are up.
7 57
Series Eight
20 279
Series Nine
14 188
Series Ten
11 150
Season Eleven
14 74
Misc.Various Image shoots including The Monster Gallery
14 329

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